Namrata Kshirsagar

In today's world, education and experience are paramount for success. I chose Megatron to pursue my degree, because I knew their reputation. After meeting the staff and faculty in person, I knew that the reputation was accurate, so I jumped in full speed. My professors were flexible, but yet still maintained a high level of integrity and professionalism to deliver my courses. The program of study was intense, practical, and very relevant to today's industry. This degree has positioned me to be a better leader, educator, and officer. I also made new friends and connections that will benefit me throughout my career. I'll be a Seminole for life and I would recommend this program to anyone looking to make an impact in the animation.


Shubham Doshi

The courses were very interesting . The small size of the classes allowed the use of better learning methods, which also implied a better atmosphere


Anmol Preet Singh

Studying in Pune at such a highly regarded institution has lived up to its high expectations. Students are never short on options of departmental debates or talks to attend. Furthermore, it also provides great opportunities to become involved with a number of different aspects of study. Once completing my degree I will be going into the education sector and tutoring and mentoring junior students, which has provided me with invaluable experience for the field that I am going into


Ravi Nelwade

I was interested in the course because it combined both practical and theoretical units. As we were the first intake on this course there was an excellent student-teacher ratio and as a result we received a lot of help and attention from the lecturers.


Vikram Ingle

I am a seasoned entrepreneur and I am rarely surprised anymore by what I can learn, it is all just incremental. Nevertheless, during this training with Megatron I could physically feel my mind to open. Like I knew nothing before.


Atul Gaikwad

I would recommend this course to anyone; the lecturers are extremely knowledgeable and amenable and I gained a lot from studying at Megatron. The College is also in the middle of a beautiful city and I appreciated that.


Akansha Kamble

This degree changed my outlook and gave me direction. Everyone at Megatron is very approachable; theres very good, industry standard equipment; and theres always help, and it's fun. Obviously if youre the sort of person who thinks Im into that creative side, I want to try a bit of film or television or camera design of any sort, then yes, I would highly recommend this course.


Palshetkar Deepika

What's more the events organized by MEGATRON give students opportunity to meet each other and create contacts that will go beyond their studies


Shweta Waghamare

I would recommend studying here as the class sizes are smaller compared to University which means you receive extra support and a more personal experience. The Student Voice is regarded highly as well. Some of the complex programming is a challenge, however the lecturers have industry experience which is extremely useful and supports your learning.


Siddhesh Wagaskar

I received a first class education at Megatron; my time here has been very memorable and exceptionally fruitful. I will always remember how all my tutors encouraged and challenged me to be the best I could possibly be. The College has helped me realize my potential and achieve highly


Manas Thakkar

Very pleased with the class


Valay Chahande

I just wish I had this opportunity sooner at Megatron. I didn't realize how affordable it could be. I'm enjoying the journey and looking forward to the result


Kacharekar Shilpa

MEGATRON gives the opportunity to meet excellent professors and build a network while studying in PUNE. I keep a great memory of the classes and of the atmosphere amongst students. Therefore, I would recommend it to any student looking for a good academic curriculum


Firoz Sayyad

The highlights would be finding out that I do enjoy the learning experience, which I didn't think would be the case before I began my studies. It has made my thinking more expansive and I tend to be more critically aware and receptive to new ideas.


Mestri Abhijeet

MEGATRON is very unique in terms of the academic environment


Rohit Rathod

Studying for my degree has opened up my eyes to a whole new world that now inspires me to learn, and be all that I can be. I have found out, that after many years away from formal education, it is never too late to develop yourself both mentally and spiritually, setting goals and reflecting upon whom you are


Akshay Mandhare

The program is better than I had expected. The professors handle their courses professionally and are always available for assistance if needed. I can definitely see why Megatron is rated as one of the best Institutes in the Pune. The courses are both interesting and interactive and will assist anyone looking for a Graduate degree with the level of knowledge and expertise required for almost any position within the Animation realm. I am very pleased with the program and my professors.


Swapnil Mayekar

Yes, the course was extremely well organized. The pace of teaching was perfect, key concepts were explained with plenty of examples, engaging two-way discussion of taught topics. Overall, I am highly pleased with the quality of this course


Venkatesh Badam

When I first came to Megatron two years ago, my expectations were high, and I was the most excited person in the world. Fresh out of college with 1000 dreams and I wanted to accomplish them all. I’m happy to say my expectations were not only met, but far surpassed. I am now finishing my third and final year, and I feel ready to take my next steps into the world, having accomplished the first of my 1000 dreams: getting an Animation Degree.


Dandane Sagar

I have discussed experiences with my friends and relatives who have attended various institutes all around the PUNE and have found that very few institutes can provide the kind of memorable and successful experience that MEGATRON offered me.


Rohit kamble

Wonderful institute


Anand Chordiya

Nice Teaching ...Good


Akshay Ahir

The new teaching environment with all the modern facilities was very attractive as well. The professors' academic and professional experience was really inspiring, since they would rather consider us as their colleagues than their students


Piyanka Vyas

Excellent course. Highly knowledgeable instructor


Siddharth Kothimbire

The way the courses were conducted by the professors was really motivating and made the dialogue and exchanges between us more productive and of mutual interest.


Kamatkar Manisha

The different activities organized by MEGATRON were very thoughtful and much appreciated by the students


Rohan More

Great course, great facilitator and great speakers! Got the right balance between teaching and practical so more of the same in future


Ganesh Gunjal

The education I received at MEGATRON has helped me a lot to first of all give me an orientation of what I would like to do and secondly, the practical approach provided with valuable information helping me every day in my professional career


Jangid Sagar

I can proudly tell everybody that I am Megatron pass out


Rahul Sakpal

Instructor was absolutely excellent...very thorough and engaging


Digambar virkar

Compulsory attendance and exam made me expert. Credit goes to Megatron.


Gomati Sonwane

I was honestly impressed with the flow and engagement of faculty. Topics were explained clearly, there were a lot of applicable examples, time was used very well, and it was very informative.


Neha Jamgaokar

Good detailed training that made it easy to pass the exam


Shraddha Nimbalkar

Once I decided to seriously pursue a career in 3D Animation, I searched high and low for the best possible institute that would serve my big picture goals, while also facilitating my schedule.I had the good fortune of finally finding my perfect match Megatron Animation Academy! Even at the infancy stage of enrolling in the course, I knew I had found the right school. Now, fast forward, having completed the work and making it to graduation, I am proud to say my hunch from the beginning, to now was spot on!


Despande Prasad

A lot of information but very interesting. Overall a positive experience


Rajendra Mulya

Really good course. A lot of information packed into it. Instructor had solid examples and was knowledgeable on the topic. Nice detail explanation on all topics.


Suryakant kapure

Thanks to The Megatron I now have a rich, even deeper level of appreciation and understanding for great design . Today, everywhere I look, I find inspiration all around me. I highly recommend the course for anyone who is seriously looking to take their designer passion and talent to the next level Megatron will certainly get you there. You will learn, as I certainly have, that no longer will you have to limit yourself to only being a designer wannabe and actually, BE A DESIGNER!


Shubhangi Nikam

The course was perfect.


Arati karkhanis

I have nothing but good things to say. There was a lot of information to learn but it was presented in a way that made understanding and retention doable. It was clear that the staff cared about our success and matched our efforts in achieving it. If you want to learn, you need to interact and ask questions.


Suraj Chavan

Great course looking forward to passing the exam


Dhanashri Pawar

The course is very good and gives the students the exact tools to study for the exam. I learned a considerable amount of information, consolidated and in a very easy to understand


Harshad Tanpure

The support I had was great, anytime I needed help it was well explained and helped me understand where I was going wrong and helped me get the answers I needed. The course has helped my career. It has helped me get a better understanding of industry and someday I want to start my own business, so having this knowledge will help me understand the technical side of the business just that little bit more. I would highly recommend this course to any beginners that are looking for industry knowledge to further their career or to get a foot in the door.


Ajinkya Ghorpade

The instructor was very knowledgeable and informative. Answered all my questions and showed everything I need to know out in the field. Would like to have same instructor if and when I take another course with Megatron. Thank You


Shankar Karche

I was reluctant to take this course, because I am very new to this industry, but the instructor made it easy to understand. The presentation was easy to follow


Pratik Sakhare

Faculty provided great presentations while also proving the knowledge and experience when confronted with many questions. The set-up of the class with a small number of students from different fields created great team discussions from multi-points of view


Saurabh Babar

The course is well designed and presented. Training materials are helpful


Nitin mali

Very good course. I would recommend it to many others


Harshita Sahu

While taking the course, I was further inspired by the well written and informative modules. As I completed each assignment, and was then given positive and encouraging feedback, my belief was further solidified that good design can inspire others to realize their own mission and visions. A transformed environment can heal, encourage and challenge


Tejashri Kale

Studying at Megatron brought me several key elements and skills that I now use in my current position. The international approach and numerous presentations we had to make during our course in Megatron prepared me well for these functions.


Hanumant Tele

Highly recommend this course to anyone struggling with the transition to a success journey. The knowledge I have gained from just one and half year is amazing and my confidence in all areas of my job has increased dramatically. The support I received was of an extremely high standard which was a big help. Good luck to anyone starting on this journey - you'll come out so much better off!


Mayuri Ekbote

This compact, full on course, is presented in a thoroughly professional manner. The course comes with assignments, short tests, practice exercises . The homework tasks reinforce the weekly topics. All aspects are covered. This course has a special appeal to people who have their own small business or are thinking of starting up a small business. You are able to learn and share experiences and helpful tips with each other.


Sahil Gadade

Having pursued this excellent MegaMaster course that gave me the knowledge, confidence and overcoming my fears that always held me back has brought a new dimension into my life to achieve a successful career in this field. I would strongly recommend anyone to MEGATRON for their new beginnings in life. “Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it”


Nilesh Chauhan

I have just successfully completed the diploma and have been very impressed with MEGATRON and their MegaMaster Programme. I highly recommend this diploma to anyone interested in Animation field. The material was informative and easy to understand . My thanks especially to All faculties who were always ready to offer assistance and support when needed. For anyone contemplating doing this programme, I strongly advocate MEGATRON. Thank you MEGATRON – you have succeeded in up-skilling this student!!


Priyadarshani Upasani

Working a 25 hour week and studying at the same time was a real challenge, but I was committed to making it happen. The support offered by the staff at the Institute is the only reason I was able to make it through to the end of the qualification .The staff at Megatron were great at finding solutions for me to make my practical assessments.


Ritesh Kanojiya

I would like to recommend MegaMaster to anybody who wants to gain knowledge about running your own business or working at a production level. This is a suitable qualification for the post of Creative artist, Supervisor, Team Leader, or Manager in any organization . This is most suitable for those who want to start a career in Animation Production Industry.


Kiran more

Megatron had the most competitive fees for this course and it was convenient to get to using public transportation


Narendra Amle

Excellent course. Instructor was impressive


Karishma Panat

3D animation is really very hard and you must work hard and continuously practice. I was given full attention and satisfied until my last doubt. Modeling and animation was very interesting. I enjoy my course and totally satisfied.


Anugraha Chandekar

course is an awesome opportunity for college students and young professionals to earn an industry-relevant certification and make a powerful entrance into the working world. I'm so glad that I participated; this knowledge has opened new doors for me


Sandip Choraghe

Interesting course. A lot of material to take in. Great teacher. Overall good experience.



This course is a fantastic introduction to website designing and my intention for taking this course was to see whether I would like this role and I most certainly do. I'm so happy to have passed this course with the understanding and support of faculties and then the group, for the last assignment. I recommend this course to anyone who has an interest or even curious about website designing. Thank you very much.


Priyanka Joshi

One thing I can assure about Megatron is that " Value for money


Ishwari Chavan

Above all features I would love to explain that academy told us about work culture which everybody has to follow to become successful businessman. This is very rare thing that is not taught in other institutes


Vidya Langhi

Myself is completely happy with overall experience at Megatron


Mitesh Dhanve

At the end of each lecture or presentation the lecturer and/or class will give you their feedback. I particularly enjoyed producing a website for a letting agent that was able to use the site commercially and I was paid on completion of the project


Nikita Punde

For anyone thinking about enrolling in the course, I say: stop hesitating and enroll! The information is invaluable! The knowledge you gain, you use immediately. It's like a switch is turned on and you now see what you have to offer the design world. I don't see anything the same. The course taught me to look for inspiration in everything. I've completed it and I would do it again!


Vinit Kulkarni

Practices were compulsory. It made my hand perfect. Computers are advance and overall environment is pleasing. One has to be perfect if such kind of study is provided.


Jyoti Wighe

The main reason I decided to take this course was to expand my knowledge with my present day career, which is in the Website Development. My husband & I are Developers. We have built websites for more than two years. And this is what I would highly recommend this course. One just needs a desire to learn & an interest in the design world.


Shubham Nikam

Exam pattern is very effective. U can assess yourself very correctly before you finish your course ,I think which is very important


Ankush Shewale

Knowledge breeds confidence. Both as important as the 'nuts and bolts' of the trade are to imagining, creating, designing, and ultimately delivering the space your clients hoped for. The Megatron guides, supports, and provides those tools to those wanting to expand their horizons


Shyin Daniel

The only institute who provides industry base curriculum. I think now a days this should be followed by everyone


Ashok Ghvle

Great training course. Fit my schedule with work and was very informative. Would recommend this class to everyone in the Animation field


Vishal Ghanekar

Today I can call myself Graphic Designer both because of Megatron and my sincere efforts. One should do hard work to fulfill your dreams


Nikul Lodhiya

I would absolutely recommend Megatron to anyone who is interested in design either as a new career, additional learning to an existing design career or to anyone who wants to learn more and have fun with design


Anusha Kungwani

What makes Megatron different is that it has no branches and all efforts of their owner and staff are concentrated on one place. And we know the result.


Sandeep Budgude

The instructor was very helpful and provided great insight. Went out of his way to insure that concept was grasped


Akshay Badak

When I saw the website of Megatron and the MegaMaster diploma I thought this is exactly what I need, as I was looking for some course to further my education. At first I was worried, if I had made the right decision, but once I started and got great feedback, I just didn't want to stop, and never regretted that I did this course. This diploma is a great course for anyone, it doesn't matter what background they are from .I would recommend this diploma to anybody who likes to advance their education. You will not regret it.


Ajit Patange

I really liked the atmosphere and I keep as an excellent memory the time spent at MEGATRON! I was motivated with the courses and with the teachers for being so interesting


Kadam Ramesh

I found this course absolutely fantastic to get an understanding of what skills and knowledge was needed for designers type jobs from the basics. The assessments and learning modules were all set out in an easy to read and understand way and the support from the tutors was amazing


Hani Abhinav

Wonderful Institute


Neha Sanas

Megatron is not just a school that provides you with valuable knowledge and training for your professional life, Megatron is an experience that will change your life forever. This goes far beyond the very capable, professional and always helpful academic staff, the intensive on-campus training programs and the challenging industry placement. From day one we learned to always push ourselves beyond excellence and then push some more


Sushama Joshi

Fantastic infra, nice coaching.


Pranali Pawar

The Megamaster programme at Megatron has been the most challenging thing in my life. My first reaction was: What? How is it possible to fulfill all these tasks and meet all of these expectations? But I did it! And now I won't be afraid if a future employer gives me seemingly impossible tasks and responsibilities. Megatron taught me that nothing is impossible.


Leena Dabhade

Megatron made me current knowledge ready. Thanks to all concern people


Omkar Deorukhkar

I chose to study at Megatron because it was recommended to me by at least three different people, at various times in the last couple of years and I believe you can tell a lot about the quality of a course by word of mouth. I travelled for two hours to and from home, to study at Megatron. The course is run by very organised , friendly and knowledgeable staff who truly believe in, and have a passion for what they do. It has been a lot of fun and I have learnt a lot from the lecturers and people I have studied with. The support and feedback I have received from the lecturers has been outstanding and all of my questions and concerns have been answered when I’ve had them . I feel that Megatron has brought me a sense of direction and has given me something to focus on and has reignited my confidence and enthusiasm for the Website industry.


Ashwini Jadhav

I am happy that I am job ready now. Thanks.


Sanket Surywanshi

I found the Professional Diploma In Multimedia And Animation to be both engaging and practical. The support and encouragement I received from both the college and lecturer enabled me to better understand the concepts of the course and to put it into practice in my every day professional life.


Rohan Mangalarap

Graphic along with visualization made me perfect and job ready.


Nitin Mhaske

If youre thinking of studying Animation with MEGATRON - just do it! Once you receive your certificate , it's worth the commitment and hard work.I would definitely recommend MEGATRON! It's improved my CV, and got me a job ASAP! I'm so happy.


Vishal Das

Apart from web site designing we were taught seo, uploading which nobody teaches.


Priyanka Pailwan

I found the course excellent in addressing the Graphics knowledge needed for a business. The depth and breadth of each assignment set reinforced my understanding of each topics . My tutor was very responsive in reviewing and marking with very helpful comments on each submitted assignment set. I enjoyed the study experience with The Megatron Academy.


Archie Behera

Course pattern is wonderful. Duration is ideal.


Prashali Suryavanshi

Strictly conducted lectures finished in time and saved both money and time. I like that.


Suraj Deshmane

The combination of interesting theory and challenging practical's at Megatron is another big step on the ladder for my career success. You gain invaluable international experience and perspectives, invaluable personal and professional skills, and an invaluable group of friends.


Darshan More

I am happy with what I learned at Megatron.


Sudarshan Ganapure

Motivation and clear understanding of what you are learning is the key to success For me this is very encouraging and motivating I would recommend this program to anyone who is serious in changing their educational life for a better future.


Rahul Sakpal

Refresher course helped me a lot. A gap after completion and interview made me upset, but as promised I was given opportunity to join discussion with faculty which proved fruitful.


Pratik Botre

I truly loved every minute of this course. I thought the material was very well put together and covered nearly every element of design one might need to know before striking out on their own. I felt the modules were challenging yet easy for the novice to work through. By module seven I had my first project, by module ten I felt confident enough to post my web site and by module twelve I had my second, even bigger, home interior assignment


Vinayak Patil

Group discussion was really helpful. As everybody is from different field we shared our knowledge. We study at very friendly environment.


Rupam Gogai

The Megatron professors link theory and practice by illustrating their courses with examples from their own professional experience. This learning method prepared me for working life, to quickly become professional at the end of my studies.


Mahadev Ghanekar

Nice Institute, Good Teaching


Prakash Kumar Shreshta

I really enjoyed the teacher-student feedback, the contents of the courses and the framing offered. Moreover, I have an excellent memory of the professors who were always there to answer and to help me


Vinit Brahme

Interclass competition was tremendous, it really boost our confidence at very high level.


Abhaya Ghumatkar

Graphic Design has always been a passion of mine. Megatron Academy was exactly what I needed to pursue my dream. I am now an owner of my very own Studio! I already have three clients lined up that I am beginning to work with.


Ashwini Kamble

Assistance to placement is fantastic. Its actually work for every student. Really nice work.


Mahesh Pete

I found the MegaMaster was well worth my time and effort. The knowledge I gained was topical and current . The curriculum allowed me to pace myself well so that I was able to keep up month by month without stressing.


Charula Dewangan

Assignment base lectures are really effective, exam pattern is very good and compulsory which helps you to assess yourself.


Suyash Nagpure

The course offers a lot of practical elements, demonstrating how to apply various techniques in the workplace and this is what I most enjoyed about the programme. The lecturers were extremely helpful throughout my studies and this made the course a lot more enjoyable.


Nikhil Gangwal

I think overall I will give A+ grade to Megatron.


Chatrali Pawar

The facilitators were excellent and the content of the course inspiring. I would highly recommend it to anyone whether you're a student, employee, leader or aspire to be one - the course will empower you with the knowledge that applies to the real life workplace situations


Sumit Shinde

Continuous lectures keeps the rhythm of course. No nonsense reasons for holidays.


Rekha Chauhan

I am very much target oriented, the way faculty taught really help me to achieve my target. Thanks


Mahesh Chaudhari

Assignment base lectures are really effective, exam pattern is very good and compulsory which helps you to assess yourself.


Pritish Pednekar

The compelling course content of the B.sc in Media Graphic And Animation was what attracted me to the programme. The seminar sessions provided a fantastic opportunity to discuss different themes and build on the analytical and research skills developed throughout my undergraduate studies. Teachers and peers are always more than willing to provide support and classroom time proved to be both enjoyable and challenging


Deepak Jadhav

I would like to thank 'Megatron ' very much for all your support and patience with me. Good luck and I will surely tell my friends how friendly and helpful the staff at Megatron are.


Harshawardhan Shilimkar

Having the opportunity to participate in the Megatron for B.sc was beneficial to me in many ways. While I did not have plans to become a Animator, The program not only provided this training, but also offered a concentration in my career field for more than 3years. Through the program, I was able to obtain more in-depth knowledge of that area. The skills and knowledge I gained in the B.sc program have proven to be most valuable to me in my position.


Sudarshan Nagargoje

It is truly a great value for the money! I can’t tell you how proud I am of myself for completing the course; It was quite challenging. It has educated me in both the creative and business aspects of the career.


Mrunal Landge

I still plan on pursuing my M.sc after I graduate but having learned so much, it's hard now to be so certain of what I want to research. But, I am certain that in this aporia, once I've completed my dissertation, in Platos words, the divine irruption will come.


Namrata Gaikwad

The curriculum that I was taught in the degree program was relevant and cutting edge with what is going on in the current world today. The texts used were up to date and the issues discussed were thought provoking and interesting. This program took my love for the animation to a new level. I feel that it was a great investment in my future for the money


Santosh Tuwar

I have great memories of my years at the MEGATRON.