Diploma In Animation

Course Level:Diploma

Duration:12 Months

Eligibility:10th Pass

Course Description

The animation program encompasses character, non-character and experimental animation. Character animation fuses acting, performance and the principles of movement to create believable, genuine, emotive characters. Character design, story structure and strong animation fundamentals are used by students to create a short, animated film in project.

In 2D Animation Fundamentals and the development of the “craft” of animation are stressed. Students may produce animations fusing both traditional and computer techniques. Non-character animation focuses on visual effects, abstract animation or the motion of inanimate objects. Students are encouraged to combine media to produce original, creative work and content. The course covers the whole workflow of character animation, from conceptual, to frame by frame, to final production. Its fosters a sharp understanding of character movement, and introduces the correct tools to give your animated creations soul, attitude and solid performance. Special topics include learning how to give character weight, balance, pose, line of action and timing. The course equips students with the necessary nuts and bolts in the art of animation that provide the framework required to work as a professional animator.

This 3D Animation certificate course provides animation enthusiasts with an introductory overview of professional animation techniques & also to enhance the further knowledge of 3D Animation, from creating a character to rigging and performance animation. Students will learn the practical knowledge and software skills necessary for 3D character animation. The course covers the workflow of character animation, from concept to modeling, simple rigging and animation. It focuses on creating every element purposefully for delivering the final animated scene efficiently. Emphasis is placed on giving the animated creations soul and a performance befitting the script. The delivery of the scene will place emphasis on giving the character dramatic posing, weight, balance, line of action and good animation timing in accordance with the principles of animation.

Diploma in Animation is a Master course or in other word we can say Career course with depth of knowledge. It is a collection of Visualization, 2D Animation, 3D Animation & Editing. So that’s why Diploma in Animation covered all 2D/3D animation & Media & Entertainment industries as well as e-Learning field. Next one editing handle video editing & advanced interactivity stuff. The program aims to give students a good understanding the rationale of the processes involved and provide practical experience in creating and delivering scene assets efficiently in a professional manner befitting that of a working studio.


2D Animation

  • Work on Script
  • Work on Story board
  • Characters, Props & Location Design
  • Audio Recording
  • Animatic
  • Posing
  • Background Layout
  • Characters, Props & Background Color Styling
  • Sound Breakdown
  • Animation Clean Up
  • Ink and Paint
  • Compositing
  • Export -Render To Post Production

3D Animation

  • MAYA
  • Introduction to the Maya Interface
  • NURBS character, Model and Stitching
  • NURBS Landscape
  • Poly character, modeling
  • Poly modeling  Face
  • Poly modeling  Foot
  • Poly modeling  Body
  • Poly modeling  Hand
  • Poly modeling  Ear
  • Sub Division Modeling
  • Shading
  • Introduction to Shading and Texturing
  • UV mapping a polygon Face
  • UV mapping a car
  • Layered Texture and Baking Lights
  • Ramp shader, Displacement mapping
  • Using HDRI
  • Advanced Shading  III Using Mental Ray shaders