Education isn’t a
privilege, it’s a necessit

Megatron Animation with an aim to provide education to students struggling with getting enough resources.


Available courses

Graphic Design

Improvement batches for All

VFX/ Fillm Making 

Improvement batches forAll

2D Animation

Special batches for students 

WHY Megatron Animation ?

Promoting a system where one should be
approached by talent and skills

Our beliefs

We believe in equal rights to education. We almost promote the idea of cohesiveness irrespective of which gender or caste a person belongs to.

Our Vision

We envision an India where there are no quotas and reservations in learning new things. Megatron Animation  is a step closer to what we want to build as a team.


Started as a cause has now reached milestones

Megatron Animation  is achieving success every day. What started as a cause has now reached milestones. Our first batch has only 5 students who were short of funds to enroll for ‘great’ coaching institutes.

Belonging to a lower-middle-class family, he had always known what government jobs meant to people like him. Analyzing the need for an hour, Dipak Wankhede came up with an idea where students can have access to useful resources, solution books, guides, etc. 


Skill Devlopment

Expert in Multimedia Skill Devlopment
Multimedia Skill Devlopment
15+ years' experience
Welcome to our institute, where learning is exciting and everyone thrives. With passionate teachers, top facilities, and cutting-edge tech, we support personal and academic growth. Embracing diversity, we value each unique perspective. Through partnerships, we offer hands-on experiences bridging classroom learning with the real world. Join us in this journey of exploration and empowerment, unlocking endless opportunities for success and positive impact.
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