Diploma in 3D Game Designing

This career focused, course explores professional principle in all modules of Gaming & Animation industry including aspects as follows:

Course Level:Diploma

Duration:10 Months

Eligibility:10th Pass

Course Description

The course starts from Introduction to games, various game types and the game production companies, about the 3D Gaming industry, etc. Students will also get the knowledge of the industry specific hardware requirements needed to start the game design. In the middle of the course students will learn all the techniques and tools along with various game design technologies required to fulfill the talent pool for game design. The course ends with students having complete knowledge of the game design along with a portfolio required to achieve a professional position in 3D Gaming Industry as 3D Game Designer.

The Game Design and Interactivity specialization studies the theories and production processes used in professional video game development. Students study how a game is created from initial concept through production planning, implementation, iteration and testing. They also learn how to work efficiently, effectively, and collaboratively in teams. The course work includes projects which realistically simulate real-world video game production and requires hands-on application of learned theory and tool skill-sets. This specialization serves to train digital artists, software engineers and game designers seeking a career in the video game industry and exposes them to the growing casual, serious and massively multiplayer online virtual worlds markets.

The Modeling specialization develops 3D skills in modeling. It allows the student to focus on strong conceptual visual skills, hands-on model building, digitizing, texture mapping, and other skills necessary for model data set creation. These models find applications in movies, commercials, simulators and emulators, games, animation sequences, product design, and product development.

Games are becoming one of the leading forms of artistic expression in the 21st century. Game designing /development requires a combination of talents, hard work and passion. The Game Designing/ is a rigorous program of study that focuses on the principles and techniques of game art creation required to break into the industry.

Diploma in 3D Game Designing Curriculum:

This career focused, course explores professional principle in all modules of Gaming & Animation industry including aspects as follows:

3D Max

  • Modeling
  • Object modeling and game set modeling in detail
  • Low poly modeling
  • Texturing (object and game seen)
  • Uvw mapping
  • Lighting
  • Rendering

Autodesk Maya

  • Modeling
  • Character modeling in detail
  • Character texturing
  • Uvw mapping
  • Character lighting
  • Rigging and animation
  • Rendering

After Effects

  • Introduction to VFX
  • The After effects User
  • Compositing Basics & Theory.
  • Introduction to Compositing, Layers
  • Masking and Keying
  • Color correction cc
  • 3D compositing
  • Croma shoot keying
  • 3d Composing + Lighting
  • Camera stabilizing
  • Camera Tracking
  • Basic Animation & Text animation,
  • Stamp tool Rope
  • cutting Clip Presentation
  • Render settings

(Theory + Practical + Project)

Career Opportunities:

  • Visualizer
  • 3D Animator
  • 3D Gamer
  • 3D Game Designer
  • 3D Game Tester